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Molecular Styling Kit & Molecular Gastronomy Additives


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This Molecular styling set includes 11 utensils designed for molecular gastronomy, 6 essential food styling tools, food additives and instructions to help you create flawless arrangements! Arrange & cut to perfection using our fine scissors, precision tweezers and scalpel. Our professional oil vaporizer creates the lightest mists you need to top off delicates dishes, while the syringe will allow you to style any sauce with incredible control. It's easy for beginners! Our Youtube tutorials will guide you through all its uses! Thanks to these additives, Spherification, Emulsification, and Gelification won’t have any secret for you!




  • 1x pair of precision tweezers
  • 1x pair of fine scissors
  • 1x scalpel with 2 blades
  • 1x culinary syringe
  • 2x syringe tips
  • 1x oil mister
  • 2x spatulas
  • 4x pipettes
  • 1x slotted spoon
  • 1x electric foamer
  • 4x silicone tubes
  • 2x 50-recipe DVDs
  • 1x cookbook with color pictures of each recipe
  • 4x food additives (40 sachets) , Agar-Agar (57 gr), Calcium lactate (57 gr), Soy Lecithin (57 gr), Sodium Alginate (57 gr), Xanthan Gum (57 gr)

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