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Triple Skill Molecular Gastronomy Kit


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Impress your friends, dates and family by turning a tasteful dish into a visual work of art with our TRIPLE SKILL MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY KIT:

  • CUISINE R-EVOLUTION KIT: Bring your culinary creativity to the next level with spectacular dishes such as mint caviar beads that burst in the mouth, chocolate spaghetti, lemon foam or tzatziki spheres! This “do it yourself” molecular gastronomy kit includes all you need to experiment at home with the molecular techniques seen on Top Chef and in high-end restaurants, but without the celebrity chef price tag!
  • FOOD STYLING KIT: From tweezers to scissors, from syringe to scalpel, each high quality tool has been carefully designed and engineered to make styling your culinary creations at home easier than ever.
  • AROMA R-EVOLUTION KIT: Your taste buds recognize only five primary tastes, while your nose is capable of distinguishing the subtle flavors of food as aromas reach the back of your palate upon expiration. The Aromafork is designed to hold a diffusion pastille on which you drop a liquid aroma that your nose will then interpret as food while you are eating something else.




  • Cuisine R-EVOLUTION Kit: 1x silicone mold – 1x slotted spoon – 1x measuring spoon – 1x plastic syringe + 2x tubes – 3x pipettes - 5x agar-agar sachet (2 gr each) – 5x calcium lactate sachet (2 gr each) – 5x sodium alginate sachet (2 gr each) – 5x soy lecithin sachet (2 gr each) – 1 recipe booklet
  •  FOOD STYLING KIT: 1x pair of fine scissors – 1x Scalpel with 2 blades – 1x Culinary Syringe with 2 syringe tips – 1x oil vaporizer (Mister) – 1x pair of precision tweezers – 2x spatulas
  • AROMA R-EVOLUTION Kit: 21x aromas, 4x Aromaforks, 50x diffusion pastilles, 4x droppers and a Multi-sensory Evening Program.

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