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Caviar Spherification Kit


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Unravel the secret of spherification! Have you always wondered how chefs made liquid-filled spheres that burst in your mouth? Spherification is a technique that encapsulates a flavorful liquid—say, fruit juices—inside solid spheres. Simply put, it’s like doing a chemistry experiment in the kitchen. Inside your mouth, the spheres will burst into flavors, which gives taste buds a unique, sensory experience. It’s one way of giving your palate a gastronomic adventure! With the Spherification kit, you can now learn one of the famous culinary tricks in the comfort of your own! Get started with or expand your molecular gastronomy skills with this simple, straightforward kit for adults & children. With our DVD tutorials and Youtube videos, you’ll master the spherification technique in no time!



CONTENTS: - 1x molecular syringe - 1x slotted spoon - calcium lactate (57 gr) - sodium alginate (57 gr) - 2x tutorial DVDs

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